Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

How to Sell and MAKE MONEY:


Register to Consign

Sign up for your FREE JBF account to register to sell at our upcoming event, May 2-4.  Consignor registration coming soon!

1.  Let us know THAT you plan to participate at the JBF Rochester sale by selecting the ROCHESTER Sale.

2 Let us know HOW you plan to participate (by selecting HELP AT THE SALE on your profile page). 

You can be a Consignor (Seller), Presale Shopper (First Time Parent, Educator (includes Childcare Providers), Team Member (select your favorite shift - you'll get to shop earlier and as a consignor you'll earn EVEN MORE!)

3. Select your Drop Off Time.  You may select either the Standard Drop Off (Monday, April 29, 3pm-7pm or Tues, April 30 12pm-4pm) or the Express Drop Off option (Express Drop Off offered only Monday, April 29 3pm-7pm only. Fees apply.  Click here for details about our Express Drop Off service.)

4.  Want to Sell with JBF but don't have time to tag?   Valet Tagging opens January 1 for the Rochester Spring / Summer 2019 sale.  Take a moment to review our Valet Tagging Process - Reminders, Tips and Waiver form and our 'What we Accept for Fall" summary.

Send a note to Rochester@jbfsale.com to contact our team to schedule drop-off time.




Collect, Prep, and Tag

Prepare your items and create your tags using our easy and FREE website.

6 Steps to Prep

1. Clean out closets, drawers, toy room and garage. Check out the 'What we Accept for Fall/Winter' and 'What we Accept for Spring/Summer' sales here. (You can tag all of your items at any time, but ONLY BRING appropriate seasonal items to each sale.)

2. Check for recalls at www.cpsc.gov or use the Rochester website (Safety Section) for current Recall, Carseat, Crib and Lead Content Lists.

3. Wash clothing, check for stains / damage.  Be sure to clean non-clothing items.  Don't spend time tagging clothing items with stains.  They will be pulled at inspection. Check to see that all pieces are present.

4. All clothing items should be hung.  All hanging clothing items should have a $3 minimum asking price.  Have an item that you wouldn't pay $3 for?  Pair it with other tops or bottoms to create a $3 value.

5. Enter your items on the Create My Tags page of your JBF profile page.  (You select category, size, whether your items can go 1/2 price or not, and to Donate unsold items or not.  You enter item description and best of all, YOU select your sale price.)

6.  Print on white cardstock and attach tags to your items prior to drop off.  Organize your items, separating girls clothing from boys clothing and arranging by size can speed along the Drop Off process.

Remember, our FREE tagging site is open 24 / 7 / 365.  Be sure to contact us at any time with questions!!  Rochester@jbfsale.com or 507-990-7668.






Drop Off!

Bring your items to drop-off at the times shown below.  Choose to donate your unsold items or pick them up when the sale ends.

Drop Off Location: Graham Arena, Olmsted County Fairgrounds.  1570 Fairgrounds Ave SE, Rochester, MN  55904

Drop Off Dates and Times:

Standard Drop Off - Monday, April 29 3pm-7pm and Tues, April 30 12pm-4pm
Express Drop-Off - Limited space available.  Fees apply. Offered Monday April 29 only between 3pm-7pm. Must be pre-registered online to use this service.
Mid-Sale Drop-off - Thursday, May 2 4pm-7pm.  This is offered to consignors who tag additional items after first drop off.  No need to register for a drop off time.  No new clothing items will be accepted.


Post sale pick up will be Saturday, May 4 from 7-8pm.  No early pick ups allowed.  If sorting gets completed early (including our '2nd check') we will send out a notification via Facebook letting you know you can come earlier.

Not free to pick up your unsold items on Saturday evening?  Be sure to make arrangements to have someone pick them up in your absence.  Be sure to provide them with your complete consignor number.  All items not picked up by 8:01pm will be donated.

Reminder:  We'll have things sorted but be sure to bring a tote / bin / box to pack up your unsold items.




...and within two weeks your check is on its way to you!


Our average Consignor check is over $300 dollars!

That's easy money from stuff your kids are no longer using!

* We are Southeast Minnesota's premier consignment event - bringing in thousands of shoppers to buy your items!
* From beginning to end, our event is highly organized and well managed, giving you a great sale experience.
* We do the advertising and selling for you - no haggling with strangers at a garage sale, no failed meetups thru buy-sell-trade groups.

No time to tag?  Ask about our Valet Tagging Service.  Find copy of our Valet Tagging Process - Reminders, Tips and Waiver form for 2018 Sale here.


Register to Consign



Login to Add Shift

*  You get to shop EARLY!  Our ealiest presales are for those that help.  As little as 4 hours gets you in the door early!

*  Consignors earn an extra 10% on their sold items, bringing their percentage to 70%!

*  We have fun while we work!  The event is high-energy and filled with smiles.  We love our JBF BFF's!

*  You Matter!  This event wouldn't be possible without all of the people that share of their time and talents :).

It takes a small army to pull together a great sale and to make a felt difference in our community.  We have opportunities and strive to get team members plugged in to what you naturally love to do! 

It's YOU, our team members that make each sales event the perfect place for families to find great deals on items they need!  Please note: we do ask that all Team Members (volunteers) consign at least 15 items.

Team Member (volunteer) Perks!

4-Hour Volunteers

    Earn 70% on your sold items
    Shop Wednesday's Presale at 4:30pm
    Shop Friday's Half Price Presale

8-Hour Volunteers

    Earn 70% on your sold items
    Shop Wednesday's Presale at 4:00pm
    Shop Friday's Half Price Presale at 5:00pm

12-Hour Volunteers

    Earn 70% on your sold items
    Shop Wednesday's Presale at 3:30pm
    Shop Friday's Half Price Presale at 5:00pm

Vounteer Shifts are available when you register to consign.  Here are just some of the opportunities our team members are involved in:

Promotions & Marketing Team - helping us get the word out before (school and childcare center free pass distribution routes, posting signage, etc), during and in follow up to the sale!  Our goal is that everyone will know about the sale so that everyone has a chance to benefit.

Set Up Team Members - those who show up early sale week to set up racks, tables and set out valet tagged items.  (earn 8 hours credit for working a 4 hour set up shift - to shop even earlier).

Inspection Team - those who have a keen eye when leafing through thousands of clothing items, looking for and pulling items with holes, stains, rips and tears.  We're grateful for good lighting at Graham Arena that helps us with Quality Control and for those who are both able and willing to pull these items to be sure what shoppers are looking through on the sales floor are great items.

Presales Team - Those who help with a fast-paced shift on presale night when over 200 first time parents, educators including childcare providers come through the door.  Assist with getting large items to the Hold / Sold area, to the registers at check out and out to vehicles.

Merchandising Team - those who make the sales floor look great!  We're aware that one of our Merchandising team members has relocated out-of-state this summer so we have some big shoes that need filling.  Are you skilled in the area of creating displays and organizing sales floors?  We'd love to get you plugged in.

Saturday Sorting Shift Team - We love to thank these team members with the benefits of presale shopping (earn 8 hours credit for working a 4 hour sorting shift - to shop even earlier).  It's not glamorous, but it is necessary - and for those who love to see a lot of things organized in a short period of time, yes, it's even FUN!

Please contact us if you are looking for an alternative way to help and KNOW that we are grateful for the time you give to make this sale great!



Drop Off - What to Expect

You will bring your items to Graham Arena at the time you have preselected when registering to participate.

Standard Drop Off.  Please allow at least 45 minutes when using Standard Drop Off.  When you arrive at Graham Arena at your pre-selected time, you may use our carts and / or rolling racks to bring items in from your car.  Bring items along with your Consignor Waiver Form to our Consignor Check-In table.  At check-in you will be assigned to an 'Inspection Lane' where our team of inspectors will verify that clothing items are clean with no stains, rips, tears, etc and that toys are clean and have working batteries.  Following inspection you will then place your items out on to the sales floor.

Express Drop-Off Arrive at Graham Arena at your pre-selected time.  Our Express Drop-Off team will help you unload your vehicle, collect your Consignor Waiver form, get you checked in and place your items out on the floor for you.  (Note: your items will still go through an inspection process and any items pulled will be available for pick up following the event.)  Please allow 10 minutes for unloading your vehicle and to get checked in.

Mid-Sale (2nd) Drop-Off - No need to reserve a drop-off time for those already selling at the sale.  As with Standard Drop Off, after items are inspected you will place your items out on to the sales floor.

Post Sale Pick-Up

Remember, post sale pick-up of unsold items will be on Saturday evening, May 4 between 7-8pm.  If items are sorted, double-checked and ready to go prior to that time we'll send out a notification via Facebook.

No early pick-ups will be allowed.  In the event you are unable to pick up between 7-8pm, please make arrangements to have someone pick up on your behalf.

All items not picked up at 8:01pm will be donated to our local charity partner.

Having items sorted and ready for pick up is such an important part of wrapping up the sale.  Power Sellers (those who bring 300+ items to the sale), REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR A SORTING SHIFT.  For Power Sellers unable to help with a sorting shift, a $20 fee will be deducted from their check to cover having someone fill that slot.


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How are Checks Calculated?

Great Question!  And here's the Answer!

Total Gross Sales x 60% (70% if you volunteered)
- Less Consignor Fee

=Your Check Total


Did you know, everyone can sell with JBF Rochester?  If you have growing kids, experience tells us you have items that are quickly outgrown, forgotten or no longer needed.  Selling with JBF is a great way to clean up and cash in.  It's recycling at it's best.  It's fun and easy, and we hope you're making plans to join us.

Tag 100 Items

We do not have a minimum item # requirement when selling with JBF, but we do recommend that you target selling at least 100 items.

For first time sellers, we know that 100 items can sound like a lot, but for those with young children we think you'll find out quickly just how many items you have and be pleased with just how quickly that many items can be tagged.  We find we mail the largest checks to those sellers who tag a minimum of 100+ items - those being a mix of large items (swings, gliders, strollers, playmats, etc), clothing items, books, toys, games and puzzles, and more.

What we Accept

Our sale Sept May 2-4 is the Spring/Summer sale.  We will accept all clothing that can be worn May-September.

View what we accept for the Fall / Winter sale in September here.

We accept all clothing that would be worn throughout the spring & summer months. Lightweight long sleeve tops and spring jackets, sandals, water shoes and more. 

Swim wear WILL be accepted at both sales, along with all indoor / outdoor play equipment, sporting goods, toys, bedding, furniture, baby items, room decor, arts and crafts and more.  If you or your child have it, need it or want it then likely YOU CAN SELL IT!

What we can NOT accept:  RECALLED ITEMS.  All consignors must check their personal items with the CPSC.gov website for recalls.  If a recalled item is pulled off the floor, the consignor will be contacted and fined $20.


Remember, all clothing items need to be on hangers.  They should be in like-new condition with no holes, rips, tears or stains. 

All hanging clothing should have a $3 minimum asking price.  No minimum required asking price on any other items placed out on the sales floor.

All toys should be clean, have working batteries and all of their pieces and parts. 

Batteries will be available for purchase for $1.00 each at drop off.

Clothing - Maternity

All seasons of maternity clothing and outfits are welcomed.  They must, however, be in current style.


Who doesn't love a cute pair of kids shoes?

For the Spring/ Summer sale we will accept sandals, flip flops, crocs, rainboots, etc

For the Fall /  Winter sale we will be accepting all dress & active wear shoes, tennis shoes, winter boots, etc.


Toys, Games, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts for Kids

Infant & toddler push & pull toys, musical toys, cars, trucks, dolls, stuffed animals that 'Do' something (stuffed animals that don't 'do' something will not be accepted).

Battery operated, electronic games (E or T),  DVDs-G, PG and PG13 (NO R rated videos will be accepted), gaming systems, iPods, MP3 players, DS, DSI, Xbox, Wii, Nintendos, computer games, puzzles, riding toys, age appropriate books, music CDs, electronic stuffed animals, kitchens, girl toys, boy toys

ON-DEMAND - Baby Equipment & Accessories (Mommy Mart)

Pack N Plays, BRAND NEW car seats, strollers, infant car seat/stroller travel systems (must be manufactured within the last 5 years), high chairs, bouncy seats, Jumperoos, swings, NEW pacifiers, potty chairs, bumbos with strap, diapers, diaper pails, feeding items, sippy cups, boppies, body pillows, bibs, car seat covers, diaper bags, back packs, safety items, shopping cart covers, kid towels.

HAVE THESE LARGE ITEMS, BUT DIDN'T GET THEM TAGGED?  On-Demand Drop Off Service now offered on Monday, Sept 10 from 10am-6pm ONLY.  Bring your items and we will tag them for you.  Please review our On-Demand guidelines, agreement and waiver form here.


Note: We no longer accept breast pumps, though you can still package up and sell the accessories.

Sports & Outdoor Play

Sporting equipment, sleds, skates, cleats, dance leotards, dance shoes, bikes, bike trailers, bike helmets, outdoor toys, swings sandboxes, water tables, play houses, slides and more.


Kids furniture sells incredibly well at JBF sales - bassinets, kid’s bedroom furniture, toddler beds, twin beds, bunk beds, rocking chairs, desks, cribs, kid dressers, changing tables, cradles, co-sleepers, book shelves

Bedding and Room Decor

Crib bedding (without bumper pad), receiving blankets, sheets and shams for kids, sleeping bags for kids, crib mattresses in EXCELLENT condition.  Also accepted are kid lamps, kid room décor, kid rugs, kid pictures, kid shelves, party favors, and more!

Mommy Mart

Mommy Mart - Now includes Re-Gifting Center and Crafter's Corner

Furniture sells incredibly well at JBF. In fact, we offer the opportunity to sell all kinds of children's, juvenile and household furniture. Good quality cribs and juvenile furniture will also be accepted.

Re-Gifting Center: A place to re-gift all those wonderful, thoughtful items that have never been used.  Please bring only "family-friendly" items that are new or like new!

Crafter's Corner:  Arts and Crafts
**Remember, be sure bag items so they don’t get separated.

Note:  Approval must be given prior to drop off for any large non-kid related furniture items that you'd like to sell.  To allow us an opportunity to approve and plan space for your large items, please take a moment to email a picture and your price to: rochester@jbfsale.com. 

Remember: Bring muscle if you are not able to lift and move these items on your own.

Please note, we are NOT able to accept the following:
* Household Knick Knacks
* Lamps that are not child oriented
* Mattresses (except crib/toddler bed)
* Antiques with an antique price
* Exercise Equipment
* Old Computer Equipment
* Old TV's (flat screens are ok)
* Suitcases
* Mirrors or Glass Furniture
* Figurines


Supplies to have on hand

Below is a list of supplies we think you'll find helpful to becoming a successful consignor.  

For Printing Tags

*Printer Ink (always good to have an extra ink cartridge on hand)
*White Card stock (67-110# cardstock).  No regular paper please.

For Clothing

Child size hangers (sizes 0-7 years) - to date best prices have been found at Target and Walmart (very comparable)

Adult size hangers (for over 7 years) - to date best prices have been found at Target and Walmart (very comparable)
*2" Safety pins
*Tagging gun (optional)
*Replacement needles (only if using tagging gun)
*Tagging fasteners (only if using a tagging gun)

For Books, Games, DVD's etc.
*Scotch tape
*Packing tape

Great for Puzzles with loose pieces (attach tags to the outside of the bags with tape)
*Clear plastic wrap
*Gallon size ziploc baggies

Great for attaching tags to shoes
Curling ribbon
*Hole punch

Cleaning supplies
*Magic eraser - Great for removing scuff marks from equipment, toys,  shoes and more.
*Goo b gone - remove stickers from equipment
*Stain remover - great for use on clothing
*Wrinkle releaser - great to freshen up clothing and make it look and smell great!



Valet Consignors

Have items to sell but no time to tag?  Our Valet Tagging team is here to help.  You can be prepping and organizing your items NOW in preparation for when our valet tagging service opens on August 1.    Be sure to review our Fall 2018 Valet Consignor Process - Reminders, Tips and Waiver form, review the list of What We Accept for Fall and then contact us at Rochester@jbfsale.com to schedule your drop off time. 

To use this service, remember, you must answer YES to at least 2 of the following questions:
•Do you have at least 100 children’s items?  Y / N
•Are at least 80% of those items name brand?   Y / N
•Would it be impossible for you to participate without Valet tagging assistance?   Y / N

Space for this service does fill quickly so please contact us early, to let us know of your interest and approximately how many items you have to be tagged.



The Consignor Referral Program continues to grow.

  •     Are you consigning this Spring?
  •     Do you know someone else who should?
  •     Make that referral. 
  •     Then, simply print the attached referral card, fill in your name and consignor # and give it to them to turn in at drop off. 
  •     You'll receive $10 JBF Bucks to shop the sale for each friend who turns in a referral card with your name on it.
  •     Your friend will receive $5 off their Spring sale consignor fee


Did you know, for Spring 2019 sale there is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make??





Want to Shop EARLIER and Earn MORE?


Khiengchai, Teri and the Team

Email: Rochester@jbfsale.com
Text/Call: 507.990.7668

Consignor's Group

Vendor Inquiries

Khiengchai, long time community member, was raised in Rochester, homeschools 5 children, and is active in her church and childrens' activities.  Have questions about JBF or just want to visit?  You'll often find her at the RAC, working and working out!

From the first time Teri shopped at and experienced a JBF sale she knew she wanted to be involved on a greater level.  The bargains, the organization and the community outreach.  It was just a perfect fit.

Now, teamed together with family and friends, Khiengchai, Teri and the JBF Rochester organizing team is thrilled to be in it's 7th year of bringing sales to you.